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Art Donations

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 14, 2015 12:17 pm

We're currently looking for everyone and anyone that can help us develop Bulletproof into an amazing table top game the world will talk about. Right now we're looking for artists to help with the visual side of the game, as well as writing. Bellow you'll find a list of the items we're looking for.


Illustrations - We're looking for people that could help illustrate the rule book.
Avatar - We're looking for an avatar suitable for Twitter, and forums.
Logo - The game is in need of a logo. This would be great for putting on a character sheet.


Mechanics - Avid role-players are needed to help get the rule book in tip-top shop.
City - We're looking for writers to help develop Liberty Falls into a living breathing environment for Game Masters and players to run their missions in.


Character Sheet - The current character sheet is a place holder for something better that will take its place. Let us know if you have Photoshop/PDF skills and would be willing to make a character sheet for Bulletproof.


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