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Game Rules

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 14, 2015 11:52 am

Play by post is a fun place to run missions in Bulletproof, but following these guidelines are crucial, and will help ensure the forum stays structured and organized. Be sure to read the content below before posting a game. There's also important information for players who would be interested in joining a game.

Basic Rules

  • Don't post a game you're not going to run.
  • If the game is cancelled let people know.
  • Delete the topic if the game is cancelled, or ask us to delete it for you.
  • Don't use content in your game that is illegal, contains child pornography, or any kind of literature that should be legally challenged.

Topic Tags

User these tags after the title of a topic.

[graphic] - This game will contain mature content, and vivid descriptions of violence, nudity, drug use, alcohol use, and other mature content.
[Newbz Welcome] - Use this tag if you're open to having newbies in your mission.
[Veterans] - Use this tag if your time constrained and looking for users that know how to play the game.
[Custom] - Let us know if your game is using custom rules, or settings.


The following information should be found in the body of the first post.

The body of the topic should contain decent info on the game being run. Give players a synopsis to find out if they like the mission content. Let them know what kind of rules will be used, if any custom rules are being followed, and any other crucial information. Let players know what kind of characters your looking for and if any restriction apply to the character creation process.


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